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Aid Project of Mercy

Other Services We Provide...

... to expatriate residents and visitors to Cambodia

We offer tailoring services: a skilled tailor can make clothes to your requirements at a reasonable price.

We sell language study aids and a small selection of crafts.

... to companies and organisations working in Cambodia

We offer a translation and interpretation service between the Khmer, English, French, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese languages.

... to disadvantaged Cambodian citizens

Khmer School of Sewing
In 2001 we established the Khmer School of Sewing. By means of courses lasting from two weeks to six months the school teaches sewing to Cambodian women. Those who successfully complete their training can then use the skills they have acquired to produce garments that they can sell to provide an income for their families.

Aid Project of Mercy
In 2002 we established the KSL Mercy Home Project. This has grown to become the KSL Aid Project of Mercy.