Agnes & Addheka
Ms Addheka Sengbou &
Mrs Agnes Verner
Handover ceremony in 1997

Some Background Information

Our History
The Khmer School of Language was founded in 1993 by Mrs Agnes Verner as an extension of the language programme being run by SAO Cambodia (now Cambodia Action).

The school became an autonomous self-governing body on 10 June 1997 and is today run by Ms Addheka SengBou.

Addheka has an amazing personal story of survival through the murderous reign of the Khmer Rouge which has now been recorded in her biography, 'If on this Earth there are Angels'. Copies can be obtained via this website or from KSL.

Our Mission
To provide a centre of language and cultural enrichment for expatriates and nationals, as well as a place of training and employment opportunities for nationals, especially young people.

Our Objectives

Some Statistics